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Tostadascaseras doraditas

Tostadascaseras doraditas


5" inches


22 Count

Guerrero Caseras Doraditas Tostadas have a delicious flavor and satisfying crunch that complements any of your homemade Mexican recipes—from ceviche to picadillo. We only use time-tested cooking methods and high quality ingredients when making our tostadas, so they’re always an authentic addition to the dinner table. Our tostadas are also gluten free and don’t contain any lard, trans fat, or cholesterol. We recommend topping our tostadas with seasoned ground beef, refried beans, and monterey jack cheese for a hearty meal the whole family will love. Includes one 22 ct package of Guerrero Caseras Doraditas Tostadas.

Ingredients: Corn masa flour, water, vegetable oil (cottonseed, corn, and/or sunflower), calcium hydrate, salt, caramel color.

No nuts Dairy Free Gluten Free