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Tlaxcala Dinner, Lunch

Tacos Sudados

Made with Corn Tortillas

  • Tlaxcala
  • 12 servings
  • ico Difficulty: Moderate
  • 0 mins
Tacos Sudados

Made with Corn Tortillas

  • ico Difficulty: Moderate
  • ico 12 servings
  • ico 0 mins


12 Guerrero White Corn Tortillas
1/2 kilo of the filling of your preference

how to make it:

1. Immerse Guerrero White Corn Tortillas in hot oil until softened but not crisp; drain.

2. Fill tortillas with your favorite taco filling (potatoes fried with chorizo; mashed potatoes; refried beans; cracklins in verde sauce; shredded beef) and fold into tacos.

3. Fill a pot with two inches of water and insert a steamer lined with a cheesecloth.

4. Stack tacos in steamer, cover with a cheesecloth, steam until heated through and condensation appears on tortillas (in lieu of a steamer, the tacos can be wrapped in a cotton cloth and placed in a basket). Serve hot.

The tacos can be served with vegetables or cactus salad on the side.